1. Computer Programming lab, Advance Data Structure Lab, Java Lab:

The Programming Languages Laboratory focuses on fundamental problems in programming languages.The Programming Languages and Formal Methods lab includes labs for C, C++ and JAVA laboratories. The lab practice sessions under the supervision of the faculty help the students develop techniques for ensuring best practices in program development and program correctness. Faculty in programming languages focus on the syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic issues in the development of correct programs. The practices in formal methods emphasize on the algorithmic, computational, practical aspects in the analysis of realistic programs. Emphasis is on mathematical and formal techniques in the development of programs. The faculty aim at developing tools and methodologies to help students write correct codes.

2. Data Base Management System & Data Mining Lab:

The Database Management System Lab has desktops with Intel based chipset and LCD flat panel monitors. This lab gives hands on practical teaching on SQL, Front end, main databases design and report generation. In addition to the licensed version of Oracle, MS ACCESS, MS EXCEL, software being made available in the lab, other open source databases are made available like MySQL. Students are encouraged to work on both the databases thus empowering them in more than one database. Student projects are advised to be taken up to work on migration of databases from one environment to another.

As part of the curriculum, facilities are also made available to work in the data mining lab through WEKA software. Faculty is involved in research work in data mining domain thus helping students to do their course work more effectively.

3. Case Tools Lab / Software Testing Lab:

A dedicated lab with 30 computers in the network are provided with a licensed version of Rational Rose to enable the student put into practice the engineering aspects of Software Development. The tools provided help the student apply the typical SDLC methods to develop various models as prescribed by the Syllabus of OOAD using the appropriate modeling case tools. In addition to the licensed software, free to use software modeling tool is also made available in the lab to make the student exposed to more than one tool. Testing is an essential stage of SDLC which needs to be taken-up as part of the software development process. Students practice on various methods of software testing in this lab through testing tools like WinRunner, LoadRunner, and QTP, in addition to the techniques of manual testing.

4. Multimedia Application Development Lab:

Multimedia Applications lab is established in a networked environment. It is a dedicated computational / simulation facilities related to regular academic experiments. In addition to this, students can develop project works in this area. Legal software is made available in the lab that has features to do practice and projects in the field of coding and compression of digital image/video including 3D image retrieval, 3D shape recovery, 3D via internet, 3D MPEG-2 video transmission, Perceptual video compression, ROI coding, Video streaming, Multispectral internet imaging, Document recognition and retrieval, Digital Watermarking, Segmentation and Motion Estimation, Evaluation of video coding artifacts and their minimization, Video on the Internet.

5. Compiler Design Lab:

This lab is established to facilitate the student to practice the techniques involved in developing the compliers. In this lab, the student is exposed to the principles of compiler design as well as the various phases of compiler design. In addition to covering the experiments prescribed in the syllabus, software and hardware infrastructure is established to do small projects in developing compilers and YACC as well.

6. Operating System & Unix Programming Labs

7. Computer Networking Lab:

The Networks lab’s mission is to create startup system, providing students to take project works as well as research works and experience the functioning of various fundamental network related protocols. The lab is also equipped with various free to use software tools that help student in implementing various cryptographic algorithms. The facilities also help the faculty to further their research work in this area. Networked environment with dual operating systems as well as high speed internet connection made available always are the salient features of this lab.

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