Electronics and Communication Engineering branch has a key place in the field of Computers, IT, Electrical, Power System, satellite System, Aerospace System, Communication System, Defense System, Electronics Warfare System, field of Instrumentation, VLSI Technology, Wireless Networks.

KITE provides personalized attention to every student in conducting the labs and the evaluation for every lab is done for 15 marks against several parameters on the same day of the lab. This ensures that students get the marks based on their individual performance and there is no subjectivity in awarding the marks. The students are exposed to the field of: Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Electronic Design Automation through different platforms like Xilinx/Altera, Digital Design Software’s, Lab View/Lab Windows Software’s, Mat lab/ Simulink, P.spice, Multisim, ECAD etc

1. Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab:

Electronic Devices Lab is well equipped with the Devices, Instruments & Components like CRO’s, Digital CRO’s, Function Generators, Regulated Power supplies, Bread Boards, Digital Multimeters, analog Ammeters Voltmeters,& Basic components like Diodes, BJT’s, FET’s, SCR etc.

This Lab helps the students in understanding the basic components and the electronic circuitry and gives a handful of experience in connecting and understanding the charecteristics of different components such that this knowledge can be applied in further practice.

2. Pulse & Digital Circuits Lab:

PDC lab is designed with latest Electronic equipments and components with Digital CRO’s, Function Generators, Regulated Power supplies, Bread Boards, Digital Multimeters, analog Ammeters Voltmeters & Basic components like Diodes, BJT’s,logic gates Trainer Kits etc.

This lab makes the student confident enough in designing and testing the different switching circuits, Sweep Circuits, Relaxation Oscillators and verifying the truth tables of different logics at gate level which helps him in designing the advanced logic circuits.

3. Electronic Circuit Analysis Lab:

ECA lab is designed with much care as it includes both Hardware Design & Software Simulation. It has Latest Software simulation tools for Electronic Circuits like Pspice, MULTISIM, PROTEUS, CircuitLogix with Computer systems (Win Xp /Linux) with latest specifications and connected LAN.

It gives immense knowledge to the student for designing of different circuits and simulate them using the software.ECA lab purely deals with analyzing of different Electronic Circuits which are used in many real time applications.

4. Basic Simulation Lab:

BS lab is designed with latest configured Computer Systems installed with Windows Xp/ Linux and having LAN connected to all the systems and the latest version software MATLAB (R 14.6) installed. A student works with different types of signal generation and performs different operations. Different Transforms (Fourier, Laplace etc.,) helps the student in gaining the knowledge in processing of signals.

5. Analog Communications Lab:

This lab is designed with Computers having the latest simulation software’s like Commsim, MATLAB, SCILAB where the student first simulates the design then he goes for realizing The hardware design which has different modulation circuits , Frequency synthesizers, PLL, RF generators Lab Experiment Kits Radio Receiver / TV Receiver Demo Kits, Spectrum Analyzer etc. In this lab the student gains the knowledge of Communication Modulation Techniques AM ,FM PM, PAM, PPM, PWM.

6. Digital Signal Processing Lab:

This lab is equipped latest configured systems installed with MATLAB, Lab View, and Octave etc. Software. The DSP Processors available in the lab are TI series, Motorola. This lab makes the student confident enough in performing different transformations on the signals and its implementations. As well the designing of different filters is learnt in this Lab. Application of DSP in Real time applications using the DSP Processors is practiced.

7. Microprocessors & Microcontrollers Lab:

Mp & Mc Lab designed with the 8086 & 8051 Kits. Interfacing boards are present for interfacing experiments. DMA controller 8237/8257 kits are present. The student gains vast knowledge in Microprocessors and Microcontrollers and writing, executing the programs in Assembly language and Understands the interfacing of Microprocessors & Microcontrollers with other interfacing Units.

8. ECAD Lab &VLSI Lab:

A well versed Lab with latest design and implementation CAD tools for CMOS digital/ Analog Circuits like Cadence/ Mentor Graphics/ Synopsys / GEDA.A lab with 80 systems connected in LAN having internet facility for the designing of circuits with high end configuration is available. FPGA/CPLD Kits in good number are available for the practice. The performance testing is done using pattern generator and logic analyzer.
A students get through knowledge in designing of Digital / Analog circuits at both Gate as well as Transistor level. He understands clearly about Synthesis, Simulation and verification of design. He appreciates the importance of Scaling, Secondary effects (temperature, Power, Process corners) in Design. DC/ Transient analysis as well Verifications of Layouts is learnt.

9. IC Applications Lab:

ICA Lab is equipped with different IC Trainer Kits, Oscilloscopes 20 MHz/40 MHz/60 MHz, Function Generator ( Sine, Square, Triangular & TTL) , regulated Power Supply, Multimeters & Voltmeters etc., Students gains complete knowledge of different IC’s, their internal organization , pin diagram, function(Input/output) and their applications

10. Microwave & Digital communications Lab:

Microwave & Digital Communication lab is well established with different Microwave equipments like Micro wave Bench set with Reflex Klystron supply, Magic TEE, Micro wave Bench set with Gunn Power Supply, GunnDiode, direction Couplers, Micro Ammeter, VSWR meter, general purpose Trainer Kits etc. Digital part of the Lab is having different Trainer kits for PCM, Delta Modulation, TDM, FSK DPSK, QPSK for generation and Detection, R F generators, Function Generators.
An Electronics and Communication student gets complete knowledge of Microwave equipments and their applications. Handling the Microwave equipments, measuring the various parameters at Microwave frequencies with sophisticated instruments and the propagation of signal at these frequencies is learnt.

11. Signal Processing Lab:

An exclusive Post graduation and research Lab for Master of Technology students in Signals and System Processing stream, is well equipped with a number of high configured systems and different software’s like MATLAB 7.5, cadence Tools , Xilinx, Proteus, PSpice etc.,

Functional Committees:

Attendance & Monitoring Committee:

This committee is headed by head of the Department and is assisted by two Associate Professors. The task of this committee is ensure that the students are regular to the college. For this, the attendance status of every class is taken in the second working hour, the absent student’s parents are communicated, and follow-up action is taken.

Training & Placement Committee:

The Training & Placement Committee is an interface between the students and the training and placement office. The database of students is maintained by the committee and during the placement drive, one of the committee member will assist TPO and ensure that all the meritorious students in the departments are taken care of placement.

Committee for Student Performance Evaluation:

The task of this committee is to identify students whose performance is below 70 percentile in the first and second internal assessment exams. Once the students are identified, their parents are called for and need based counseling is done for the students in presence of their parents. The main objective of this is to ensure that the average performers are taken proper care of and their performance improved and in the process improving the pass percentage.

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