The college has excellent infrastructure to carry and different labs. Laboratory work includes the practical study of the steady state of three-phase transformers, three - phase inductive machines and three - phase synchronous machines. The experiments allow students to derive the approximate equivalent circuits of each type of machine, which are subsequently verified by using a computational tool.

The concepts of design automation are followed in every field of engineering. Digital control system labs are essential for the current industrial centers. Students are exposed to Mat Lab and Lab View development environment as per the current industrial requirements.

The Laboratories Include:

1. Power electronics lab:

The Power electronics laboratory is equipped with all modern and latest equipments including Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, various analog, digital and power electronics kits. This lab gives through understanding of solid state converters and drives which find vast applications in industries.

2. Electrical machines Lab:

Electrical Machines Lab provides the essential facilities to the students to augment their concepts about the fundamentals of transformers and rotating machines. The lab is equipped with DC series/shunt motor, compound motor, universal motor, single-phase induction motor, single-phase transformer, three-phase induction motor, three-phase synchronous motor and three-phase transformer. This lab gives the students the first hand chance to get familiar with basic machines which will be useful in power systems and power electronics courses. Besides, the lab instills in the students the awareness and practice of safety.

3. Control systems Lab:

The laboratory is well equipped with various instruments, kits and accessories. like Servo transmitter and receiver, Position Control of servomotor. Practical Sessions are performed on MATLAB using SIMULINK, SIMPOWER and control toolbox for analyzing different control systems.

4. Simulation Lab:

The laboratory is well equipped with state of the art Equipments & contemporary software tools like MATLAB, PSPICE, PSCAD/EMTDC, PSIM etc. This lab helps students to perform the real time experiments virtually on a computer. It provides tremendous exposure to the students to explore various solutions that can be obtained for a given problem.

5. Electrical Measurements Lab:

This lab includes experiments related to calibration and measurement of various electrical and physical quantities. In this lab, students learn to calibrate meters, various types of AC/DC bridges, LVDT, earth tester, solar panel, stroboscope, power measurement etc. Tests and measurements are important in designing, evaluating, maintaining and servicing electrical equipment.

6. Electrical circuits Lab:

This Laboratory is designed to provide the student with the knowledge to use basic measuring instruments and Understanding of basic theorems with proficiency. The objective of this laboratory is to familiarize students with the important basic concepts to stand sturdily in rapidly evolving world of modern technology

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